The Art of Defeat

For all you primates smashing Shakespeare

A Quick Point

Before we continue, allow me to make a quick point.

I don’t care whether my country is run by a “big” or a “small” government. I don’t care if it’s right-wing or left. The only thing I don’t want my government to be, is efficient. I don’t want my government to be “ran like a business”, heaven forbid a “competitive” one. (That’s probably the single biggest advantage of capitalism. When done right it keeps business people in business and, more importantly, out of government.) My ideal government is wasteful, slightly inept, and sufficiently slow. Because our biggest problems today aren’t caused by so-called failed states, but by successful ones.

Maybe this could have been the opening of a rousing manifesto. It isn’t. To make it so I’d have to come up with arguments. I’d have to present things as a coherent chain of causes and effects. I’d have to use logic and reason to try and convince you I am right. Doing so I’d implicitly agree to change my mind if you replied with even better arguments, with superior logic and reason. That’s not going to happen. Logic and reason are tools created by successful people, for successful people. And successful people create successful societies with successful governments, which is the exact problem I would be arguing against. So I won’t.

Instead, I’m just going use this space to float my thoughts, putting them in a basket in this river of shit we call public opinion. If you find them useful, you’re welcome to adopt them. If not, there are lots of other monkeys bashing away on their typewriters. You can go read them instead.