The Art of Defeat

For all you hunters becoming prey

Two Wolves

There are two wolves inside you. You decide to go to sleep, because going about your business with two large canines in your body is pretty tiring indeed.

A third wolf walks by searching for two missing members from his pack. He hears your snoring and comes over to have a look. When he sees you, he notices your bulging stomach. Could that be big enough to fit two entire wolves? He tries a careful howl, not loud enough to wake you, and sure enough the two wolves inside you answer him with supressed howls of their own. No time to waste, thinks the third wolf, and he cuts you open. Out climb the two wolves inside you, expressing boundless gratitude to their saviour. Not sure what to do next, one of them proposes to fill your stomach with rocks and sew you up again. Everyone agrees.

You wake up feeling even heavier than before. To quell your thirst you decide to get some water. With an empty bucket you walk outside to a nearby well. You bend forward to let down your bucket. That is the moment you notice you didn't just feel heavy, you are heavy. But it's too late. For as long as wolf packs roam the earth they'll triumphantly retell your story to their pups.

In a way you're lucky. Immortal fame is only bearable after death.